Eduardo RH

I'm a designer and a nerd


Hi. My name is Eduardo Ramirez Holguin. I'm a product designer, team lead, and super high level nerd. 

I have worked as a freelance and in-house designer since 2009. I have extensive experience working with startups and small/medium sized companies. I've worked in diverse fields including fitness, tech, finance, editorial, luxury, and more. I've also been wearing some product manager hats.

I excel at solving problems that balance business goals with user needs, and turning ideas into finished products. I love asking why, saying no, and leading a team to amazing results.

Currently working as a Product Designer at Facebook. For more about my experience, check out my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

Likes: Videogames, planning world domination and egg toast.
Dislikes: Disorganization and voicemail. 

Thanks for reading about me, you look great today!